SpaceJan: Mech Janitor is a third-person 3D platformer with quick-time combat. Play as Pedro, a mech janitor pilot cleaning his way through an alien invasion.​


  • Game Design Document and Technical Design Document — wrote and maintained design documents to keep the team updated on any design decisions and changes

  • AI Programmer — programmed using C# in Visual Studio Code

  • Audio Programmer — integrated and implemented audio using Wwise for Unity

  • Point of Contact between Game Designers and Sound Designers — liaised between the two teams effectively, discussing any major changes and decisions that affect both design processes; kept track of deadlines and made sure they are met 

  • Audio Asset List — created and maintained a spreadsheet shared between Game Designers and Sound Designers to keep everyone up to date as to what audio is in progress, implemented, or causing issues 

  • Narrative Designer ​ wrote the game's backstory and worked on worldbuilding: answering the Who's, What, Where, Why's, and How's


  • Work from Home — due to Covid-19 restrictions, have experience working remotely with team members using various applications to communicate and track the game's progress

  • Teamwork — programmers, designers, and artists effectively collaborated in giving feedback and finding solutions to overcome and resolve bugs and design flaws

  • Communicate — conducted stand-ups every start of the day, both in-person and through online sessions during the work from home set-ups

  • Create a Fun Environment — played games and hanged out outside of work to promote good synergy within the team; organized fun activities such as Formal Fridays where team members dress up in formal attire and drink tea in tiny teacups on Fridays

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Version Control: Perforce and GitKraken

  • Audio Solution: AudioKinetic Wwise

  • VFS Final Project

  • 4 months of project development

  • Team of 6




Space Jan is inspired by a lot of the team's collective interests such as arcade games, old Japanese Mech animes, and fast-paced games like Mirror's Edge and Sunset Overdrive. 

The original idea behind the game has a silly origin - Parkhorse, a game about a horse doing sick parkour moves in a city. I pitched it to the team in one of our brainstorming sessions, and while said for laughs, we liked the parkour aspect of it so it stuck. Playing around with the idea a bit more, we incorporated the team’s love for Japanese anime and Disney movies into coming up with interesting characters and settings for the game. From a Japanese otaku high school girl parkouring around the urban landscape of Tokyo to fish-controlled robots in a steampunk post-apocalyptic city - we bounced around many ideas before finally landing on Space Jan, a janitor in a mech suit inspired by art station 3D models of sci-fi janitors and Wall-E, and our setting turned into a futuristic city-spaceship encased in a dome called Toire, the Japanese word for ‘toilet’.


In the end, the conceptualization behind the game was a journey in itself.


The year is 3030. Humans have abandoned the Earth, leaving behind them an uninhabitable planet, devastated by their uncaring selfishness and carelessness over the millennia. Aboard their spaceship Toire, they head out across the galaxy in search of a planet to call their new home.




Risen from the ashes of dirty dishes and rotting Taco Bell takeout wrappers are The Germs - a species of microorganisms hyper-advanced into evolution reaching human-levels of intelligence in a matter of decades. They’ve become self-aware and they are not happy.


Angered that the humans have fled without taking responsibility, The Germs set out after Toire, racing after the ship before it can reach a new planet. Worried for the future, The Germs are out to seek retribution and run the human race into extinction, lest they destroy another planet like they did the Earth.  


Enter Pedro, a humble janitor mech-pilot getting ready to clock off from his low-paying job when he receives an urgent call - it’s his boss, demanding he works overtime to clean up the mess in the city. Oh and it’s a mess, alright! Because what he finds are The Germs, wrecking havoc amongst the streets of Toire, tearing apart everything they lay their grubby little flailing flagella on.


Pedro dons his mech suit, sighs, and gets ready to work!